Per Spjøtvold

Vocals/keys | 2002-present

Kjiving, Atrox, The Apparatus

Ketil Laugtug Sæther

Guitars | 2002-present

Lumsk, The Apparatus

Kenneth Kapstad

Drums | 2006-present

Motorpsycho, Monolithic, Godseed, Thorns, Resjemheia, Grand General. Animal Alpha, Gåte

Trond Frønes

Bass | 2009-present

Cadillac, Sunswitch, Sküll, Grand General, All Trouble, Blood on Wheels, El Doom & The Born Electric

Previous members

Snorre A. Hovdal
Bass (Neander Tales, Simian Supremacy)

Vegar “Vyl” Larsen
Drums (Neander Tales)

In the very beginning the band would occasionally include Steinar Bøhn (Victimised) on drums, Kim Sætre (The Apparatus) on drums and Espen Godø (Lumsk) on synth bass.